TOO Historical Fiction 80 The Emperor Defeats a Pidgeon

By Gary Girod
Read by Shawn Robertson

Period: Ancient Rome

Atticus ‘Atti’ Tarsus had spent the entire morning trying to stack grains of rice on top of each other. Unlike the rocks he would stack as a child or the coins that the children of Roman patricians would stack, the grains of rice held no wobbling illusion of stack-ability before falling down. His disappoint was always instant. Occasionally he would pause as he caressed his arthritic fingers against the pain and would look over at the bowl filled with thousands of grains of rice. He realized with some sadness that he would never even pick out a third grain of rice, though that was just as well. If he did somehow miraculously manage to stack a hundred grains of rice it would be so tall he would not know how to add another one.

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4 Responses to TOO Historical Fiction 80 The Emperor Defeats a Pidgeon

  1. Gary Girod says:

    Obviously came for my own story, but after listening to a few of these I think this might be my new favorite site. Love the historical background before each story, it’s really immersive.

  2. Robert Storms says:

    Amazing insite, what a gifted author.

  3. Karen says:

    This is totally awesome. We enjoyed it so much while we sat around the fireplace and listened. Will be back to listen to other stories.

  4. Kyle says:

    Sounds like a young George R. R. Martin. I didn’t want the story to end.

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