No Christmas episode

For Christmas I drove with my wife and kids down to New Orleans (about 900 miles) to visit with my parents and other relatives passing through. I brought my podcast equipment down, fully intending to put out a Christmas episode. I recorded the story late at night after everyone else had gone to bed, which is pretty difficult since we have a few night owls, but I made so many mistakes that it took me forever to edit. Then I was unhappy with the recording. So I started again, making even more mistakes, and finally giving up. Five kids running around, lots of visitors and no quiet rooms all conspired against me.

My parents’ house is full of amazing books about history and everything else. They are generous lenders so I had to pull myself together not to take away more than I could possibly read in a year. I had borrowed Will Durant’s The Life of Greece so many times that I finally broke down and bought it for $1 on Amazon.

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