Submissions – Closed

Submission Guidelines

Unfortunately submissions are closed for the time being.

What we want
TalesOfOld is looking for historical fiction and alternate history stories: a murder mystery in ancient Rome, a sea battle against Napoleon, a Victorian romance, a WWI flying ace adventure, you get the idea. Stories should take place in a well researched historical setting, not Hyperborea or other quasi-historical setting. Stories should be plot driven with interesting characters. The stories should be well suited to narration, no strange symbols or unpronounceable words. We are really not interested in super explicit sex, gore, or excessively foul language. Fun, interesting stories will probably fair best.

We are looking for stories in the 3000 to 6000 word range, but a few words over is not critical. We pay $25 US for each story. Payment will be through PayPal.

We happily accept previously published work, but unpublished is fine too. We assume that if you send us a story that it is not under copyright somewhere else.

How to sumit
Send by email to with “Submission” somewhere in the subject line to Shawn Robertson. Please don’t send attachments. A format like this will work well:

Lesley Rider
Abita Springs, LA 20742

Dear Mr. Robertson;
I would like to submit my 3,500 word story “Lucius Flavius Dines Alone” for your podcast.
Lesley Rider

Lucius Flavius Dines Alone
3,500 words

None of the senators appeared to notice the trail of ants that had established itself leading up the stone steps and into the forum. Twice the custodian had brushed it away without interest, but each time it had reappeared, determined as ever. The only person to take any interest at all was a slave boy, Quintus, who hovered about waiting to be summoned or clouted. Blah, blah, blah…..>

Help for Writers
Duotrope: search for short fiction & poetry markets
Please submit your experience submitting to Tales of Old to Duotrope, including your response times for replies. The site also provides many free resources to writers. Also check out AbsoluteWrite for great resources and a huge community of writers offering tips, experiences, and support. There is also a writers’ group in the South Seas that has produced some great work,