What is a podcast?

Hello and welcome to Tales of Old. I’m glad you asked. A podcast is like a radio show, only instead of getting the audio over the air, you get it as mp3 files from the internet, that you can listen to anytime you want. People called this a podcast because most people used an Ipod to listen to the shows.

Our show, Tales of Old, brings you a new historical fiction or alternate history short story each week. Click here for an audio introduction. Of course you can go back and listen to all of the old episodes too. Here are three ways you can listen:

1. Click the play button over any story and listen while you are connected to the internet

2. Right click the hyperlinked text next to the play button, select “save link as” and pick a place on your computer to save it to. You can then bring the file into any audio player you choose, or burn an audio CD.

3. Subscribe via Itunes. Click the Add to iTunes button at the right of the screen, under Subscribe. In Itunes you can subscribe to the podcast and drag the files right to your Ipod.